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Transitioning from Visa 462 to TSS 482 and PR: Everything You Need to Know

Transitioning from a visa 462 to a TSS 482 visa and eventually to Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia involves several steps:

How to transition from 462 to 482 within 1 year?

1. Transition from visa 462 to TSS 482:

- Assessing eligibility: The TSS 482 visa requires sponsorship from an approved employer and the occupation must be listed on the relevant skilled occupation list.

- Seeking employer sponsorship: Once eligible, the next step is to secure sponsorship from an approved employer in Australia. This sponsorship is necessary for the visa application process.

- Applying for the TSS 482 visa: After obtaining employer sponsorship, the individual can proceed with the visa application and adhere to the relevant procedures and requirements.

2. Applying for Permanent Residency:

- Assessing eligibility for PR: It's important to understand and assess whether the individual meets the eligibility criteria to apply for PR through the available pathways in Australian migration programs like ENS 186 (PR) visa.

- Lodging a PR application: If eligible, the individual can submit an application for Permanent Residency and comply with the applicable immigration processes and regulations.

3. Conclusion

Transitioning from visa 462 to TSS 482 and subsequently to Permanent Residency in Australia involves fulfilling specific criteria, adhering to regulations, and seeking guidance from experienced migration professionals to navigate the complex process effectively.


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